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About nSTRIDE Autologous Protein Solution (APS)

What is nSTRIDE APS?

nSTRIDE APS is an autologous (from your own body) therapy which is designed to treat joint pain associated with knee osteoarthritis. In laboratory testing, nSTRIDE APS has been shown to protect cartilage cells. This protective quality may slow the progression of osteoarthritis as well.9^

How does nSTRIDE APS work?

nSTRIDE APS will be injected directly in the knee joint. Positive outcomes are possible due to the presence of high concentrations of anti-inflammatory proteins.14 These “good” proteins may help stimulate a biologic cascade which has been shown to block cartilage destruction in osteoarthritis.9^ The pain in the joint is then reduced, and the joint function is improved. The ongoing destruction of cartilage may also be slowed.9^ The treatment is designed to be a single injection therapy in the doctor’s office.

What is nSTRIDE APS made of?

nSTRIDE APS processes the patient’s own blood in the doctor’s office to concentrate white blood cells,
platelets, and plasma proteins into a small volume of plasma. The output is approximately 2 to 3 ccs of antiinflammatory solution.

How is nSTRIDE APS given?

2-3 cc of final output will be injected directly in the knee joint.

Are there side effects?

You may experience side effects (e.g., bruising, local pain or swelling) associated with the blood draw, knee injection, MRI or X-Ray procedures.

Will nSTRIDE APS cure my OA?

There is no cure for OA.15 But successful treatment with nSTRIDE APS may reduce or relieve your pain increasing your mobility and comfort.11 Your osteoarthritis may not improve or may get worse.

What are the main benefits of nSTRIDE APS?

May significantly decrease or eliminate pain, reduce stiffness and help restore mobility and flexibility.8*, 11

When will the treatment start to work?

Pain relief can be expected after one week.8*, 11

Is nSTRIDE APS safe?

Yes. Studies have demonstrated the safety of nSTRIDE APS.8*, 11

Will I be able to be active as usual during the course of my treatment?

It is recommended that you minimize your activity level for 14 days (but not to exceed pre-injection levels).

How long can I expect the benefits to last?

Based on preclinical and early clinical results, patients should expect to see benefits for at least 12 months.8*, 11

Who can be treated with nSTRIDE APS?

Patients with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis can receive nSTRIDE APS therapy.

How many injections of nSTRIDE APS are required?

Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of one injection.8*, 11 Studies suggest one injection will last at least 6-12 months.8*, 11

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